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Be an owner operator with:
- Copy of MC authority
- Copy of COI (Certificate of insurance)
- Copy of W9 form
- Fill out our carrier agreement packet

Are you an Owner-Operator in need of a reliable dispatcher? Alamo Dispatch LLC is here to help you get the loads you need. We are a new company started by a truck driver to help other truck drivers. Our services cost 5% of loads that you deliver. We know that 5% sounds like a big cut, but we negotiate with the broker so that our rate is worked into the load, maximizing your profits. We're not here to take your money, we're here to raise your bottom line and get us both paid. If you are self dispatching, you may not have time to negotiate rates or wait all day and night for a good load to be posted - but we do.

- Choose your own schedule - you decide when you want to roll, where you want to go, and what you want to haul- Connect with dedicated dispatchers that learn your likes and dislikes to keep you happy- Take advantage of our access to special rates and relationships to leverage the best possible pay on loads- Tell us your preferred rate per mile so that we can take extra care to only book loads profitable to you- No more sitting and waiting for a load - we work hard to preplan loads, keeping you updated and rolling

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